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Are you tired of going from psychic to psychic wasting your time money and energy, going in circles and still not getting your answers? Don’t give up just yet. Ziva is a third-generation psychic known for her honesty and integrity. She will be able to foresee any negative energy around you, your home, your family, friends or loved ones. She will be able to reveal to you everything that is going on in your life starting from the past review to your present and unfolding your future.

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There are questions in your life

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Amazing Psychic Therapy

Psychic Therapy

As a clairvoyant and claridesent psychic and having studied many forms of Spirituality providing you an accurate reading which includes, psychic empathy readings, palmistry, and astrology, With these gifts Ziva can give you the answers to the Riddles, which will help clear the doubt surrounding you. She will offer you nothing but the truth, and help you to make right decisions in your life, whether your uncertainty lies in: Romance, and Relationships Business and your Career Family Life, and Marriage Personal Growth and Emotional Well-Being.

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Amazing Psychic Therapy

Learn more about your relationship and love life with Ziva. Ziva’s readings are incredibly accurate and affordable.

Is depressions taking over your life? A reading by Ziva will help you break those chains of depression and sadness. Get the peace of mind you deserve!

What does the future hold for you? Find out with a precise and low cost reading. Ziva has talked to many people about their future. Both positive and negative things that will come down the road. Get your reading today

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Philosphy We Strive For

Ziva can help to clear away a lot of the doubt around you, and offer the affirmation you need to further you in your life path, and help you to find the strength and guidance you need to embark on a new journey. She has assisted people for many years on how to help solve or improve their dating, love and relationship situations, as well as helping people that are struggling with any personal matters or life questions. Let Ziva guide you to a much happier life also, by giving you the reasons ‘why’ things are happening the way they are. Be prepared to know and see! AND CHANGE ANYTHING you want!

Skills We Use

Psychic Therapy 95%
Personal Healing 89%
Meditation 97%
Consulting 90%

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(754) 551-6060

Address: 816 sw 24th st. Fort Lauderdale, fl 33315

Mail: zivapsychictherapist@gmail.com

Do you have any idea in mind? Contact us, we will give you the answer you expect.

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Psychic therapist
816 SW 24th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Carmela Walker
2 weeks ago-
Ziva, you are an amazing good Divine spiritual being. You are gifted and your heart is beautiful! My reading was wonderful and incredibly informative. It has set a positive trajectory and motion forward for me to proceed with assured confidence. Thank you so much💜
Response from the owner2 weeks ago
Your welcome'Thank you Carmela for your positive review
Liz Encarnacion
2 months ago-
Excellent experience. Completely satisfied. Had two different readings with other psychics none compared to this one. Ziva was clear when translating the cards.. took her time listening and explaining. I brought my boyfriend with me and will definitely come back for a deeper session. Recommended! 🙂
Ksenia Zhukova
a month ago-
Wow. Tarot reading + psychic reading skills are really impressive. Described my personality, life situation 100% right. On top of everything her energy is very positive and powerful.
Response from the owner2 weeks ago
Thank you Ksenia for the positive review,
Maxine Amal
a month ago-
Had an amazing experience. Learned a lot about self and energy. Look forward to seeing her again.
Response from the owner2 weeks ago
Thank you Maxine for the positive review,
Jadelyn Hamilton
2 weeks ago-
I cannot say enough good things about Ziva. She is honest, kind, and genuine. I've had readings with her three separate times. My first reading was a couples reading. It was my second date with my now boyfriend so at the time we barely knew ...More
Response from the owner2 weeks ago
Thank you Jadelyn for the positive review,
linda goodmen
2 months ago-
My session with ziva was
Amazing! i have had other readings in the past from different psychic's and none compare to her' she has given me clarity and understanding on so much, thank you ziva. (RECOMMEND)
Tea Bradshaw
4 months ago-
Very amazing reading!!!! She straight forward and honest, you feel like your talking to a true friend, that has your best intentions at heart!!! Best place to go, you would regret it...
Palki Sharma
a month ago-
She is a scam artist, please do not trust her, in fact I know a lot of people who were scammed by her. After taking the money she ignored all my calls and messages and never provided any healing services.
It's hard to digest that people stoop so low to earn money
Kaleigha Freeman
4 months ago-
I don't even know where to start. I had just experienced a death from someone very close to me. I've been searching for answers, and when i say searching I mean I was going to any length to get the answers. I had called Ziva, she had picked ...More
Juan Montijo
8 months ago-
I went to Ziva today for the very first time and without me saying a word, she was able to tell me things about my life with amazing detail! I really feel that she is genuine. The real deal!