The idea of getting to look into your present, gain confidence about the present, or get closure about the past has always been extremely enticing. This is why people with supernatural abilities have always had their share of popularity. And today, you can not only visit a brick-and-mortar psychic location but also talk to online psychics from the comfort of your own home.

However, online psychic reading is not something that can be measured by success metrics or evaluated based on the number of guesses, as the events from the reading can take place years or even decades into the future. This is why it’s so important to find the best online psychic reading expert for your needs, and that is exactly why we are here. 

Continue reading to find out how to find the best online psychics, what types of readings are out there, what’s the difference between psychic reading online chat, phone, or video calls, and what to expect from your session.

Best Online Psychic Reading Websites

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These days, there are dozens of sites that promise you the best online psychic reading experience, but not all of them live up to their own promise. Of course, you can always set out on a quest to find the most accurate psychic reading website, but these quests often end up in disappointment and turn out to waste your time and money. So is there no other option?

Of course, there is! Here at PsychicTherapist, we understand how much is at stake when you are using the services of online psychics. You need definitive, accurate answers then and there. Luckily, we have been doing online psychic reading reviews for years, and we know exactly how to help you have the best experience. Stick around on our site for online psychics reviews, guides to different services and tools offered by online psychics, and more!

Comparison: The best online psychic readings

To help you choose the best online psychic reading website for your needs, we have prepared the ultimate comparison table. So whether you are looking for cheap online psychics or a specific type of reading that is hard to find, this table will point you in the right direction.

Site name Price (min.) Price (max.) Special offer Types of reading Communication channels
Kasamba $1.69 $25.49 First 3 minutes of reading are free Love, career, past life, tarot, astrology, runes Phone, chat, email
Keen $1.99 $29.99 First 3 minutes of reading are free Love & relationships, love, spiritual, tarot, astrology Phone, chat
California Psychics $4 $10 First reading costs $1 per minute Love, career, life path, money, pets Phone, chat
Oranum $0.39 $9.99 Free $9.99 in credits Love, family, career, fortune telling, dream analysis Phone, video, email
AskNow $5.99 $13.99 First reading costs $1 per minute Love & relationships, money & finance, career & goals, past life Phone, chat
Nebula Readings cost 30 credits per minute regardless of the psychic Readings cost 30 credits per minute regardless of the psychic Free 100 credits to spend on readings Love, life, astrology, tarot, runes Chat

What is a Psychic Reading?

The most widespread definition of psychic reading is the act of obtaining insightful information through the use of supernatural abilities. However, this definition only scratches the surface of what psychic readings actually are and what the best online psychics can do with their powers.

A high-quality online psychic reading session can answer many of the questions that have been bothering you for years. These can be questions like “When am I going to meet my significant other?”, “How does this person feel about me?”, “What is something my pet wants me to know?” or “Is this the right time to ask for a promotion at work?”.

Moreover, real online psychics can answer questions you never even thought about. If you arrive at your online psychic reading session without any questions but with a sincere desire to know more about your present, past, and future, your psychic’s answers can be enlightening, give you closure about something that happened in the past, or provide guidance to help you make the right decision concerning your future.

How to Choose Your Psychic?

There are thousands of online psychics claiming to have supernatural abilities, but not all of them can actually provide an accurate psychic reading. Of course, there are no guarantees either way, but when you take the process of choosing your online psychics seriously, your experience has a better chance of being successful. Here are 5 tips for choosing the best online psychics every time you want:

  1. Check the psychic’s qualifications and tool roster. There are no strict rules stating that it’s only possible to get the best online psychic reading when a psychic has a certain number of years of experience or uses certain tools. However, the more experienced the reader is, the better they are able to service their customers. As for the tool roster, you may want the psychic to use a pendulum, but he doesn’t know how. These things need to be checked before your paid session.
  2. Consider the communication tools. The choice of communication tools will always impact an accurate psychic reading: the more the reader can learn about you and your request, the more precise their answer is going to be. You should also choose whatever you’re comfortable with.
  3. Read the reviews. You should check out both the inner website reviews for a specific psychic and independent reviews of the site on third-party platforms. The best online psychics review will tell you what to expect from your session and how to better prepare for it.
  4. Check the site policies. Top online psychics websites don’t actually employ their psychics and instead work with them on an independent contractor basis. This is why a site may not have as much oversight over its psychics as one may think. However, a reliable site will always have customer satisfaction policies that provide a full or a partial refund in case you are not satisfied with your session.
  5. Compare the prices. There are cheap online psychics, who typically have little experience, and expensive psychics, who often have decades of experience as a reader. However, the prices set by a psychic should be reasonable. If a site or a psychic advertises cheap psychic reading online, their accuracy may not live up to your expectations.

Psychic reading by phone, chat, or video — What’s the difference?

Some of the best online psychics provide reading services via multiple channels. The exact selection of the channels also depends on the site itself — for example, there are sites where you can only receive reading via chat. However, most psychic experts offer multiple communication methods: phone, chat, video, and email readings. Here is more about each method in detail.

Phone readings

Historically, this is probably the most popular type of psychic reading there is. Even these days, most sites with the best online psychics have a dedicated phone line that allows you to contact a reader even without signing up for the site. This is both a very private communication channel, as the psychic cannot see you, and one of the most effective ones, as you get to ask follow-up questions and interact with the reader.

Chat readings

The ability to communicate with a psychic using a text chat is one of the best things to happen to the psychic reading industry after it moved online. With the help of a psychic reading online chat, you can talk to top online psychics with just a couple of clicks. Chat combines the best features of other communication channels: it’s both private and enables efficient interaction. Moreover, it’s usually more affordable than phone readings, so if you are looking for a cheap psychic reading online, this is the option to consider.

Video readings

Video psychic readings are not as common as a psychic reading online chat or phone service, but if it’s available, it can definitely meet your psychic reading needs. Video readings are perhaps the most personable type of reading there is, both for the reader and the customer. The reader can pick up on additional cues such as your body language, and you can witness the whole psychic reading process, not just the result.

Email readings

This is one of the least common types of psychic reading, and there is a strong reason for that. Many real online psychics believe that it’s hardly possible to give an accurate reading based on text alone and without the ability to ask additional questions. Still, some sites offer it as a service. An email reading can be the best option when you are in a rush and only have time to describe your situation but no time to participate in a chat or a phone reading.

To sum up

Whether you have talked to online psychics before or are only getting ready for your first session, the experience can be not just pleasant, but also enlightening. But that’s only possible if you’ve made the right choice of an online psychic platform and psychic reader. Make sure to check out our reviews and guides before making the choice to increase your chances of a good reading session.


Do online psychic readers give an accurate psychic reading?

The accuracy of your online psychic reading session depends on several factors. The most important one is the qualification of your communicator and how well they are able to interpret the signals they are getting. The outcome also depends on the customer and how accurate and honest they are about describing their request. When both of these factors work in your favor, you can expect an accurate psychic reading online.

What are the different types of readings?

There are several ways to categorize different types of online psychic readings. First, they can be grouped by type: this can include love and relationship, career, money and finances, life, pet, and missing/deceased persons psychics. Another way to categorize psychic readings is by the tools they use. There are psychics who work with tarot cards, runes, crystal balls, astrology, numerology, graphology, and other tools and techniques.

What can you expect from online psychic reading sites?

Having clear but reasonable expectations is one of the key components of a good online psychics experience. It may not be the best idea to arrive at your reading session with a definitive list of things you want to hear, such as the exact name of your soulmate or the exact date when you’ll get a job offer. However, accurate psychics online will be able to give you direction and help you prepare for the events of your near future.

What information will I get from a psychic reading?

The scope of information you can get from an online psychic reading depends only on the psychic’s qualifications and personal limitations. For example, some of them refuse to help find missing persons or pets, while others prefer not to deal with spell casting. Typically, the psychic will list the topics or types of readings that are off limits in their profile. Everything else is up to be discussed.

How often should I get a psychic reading?

There isn’t really any recommended schedule for getting online psychic readings. Some people do it just once and get all the answers they need. Most people, however, choose to regularly get psychic advice from online experts. There are different situations where you may need the help of a psychic, so whether you are considering switching a career, need help to find a lost object, or want to know when you’ll meet your soulmate, those are all valid reasons to engage in a psychic reading online chat or phone call.

Should I get a chat, video, or phone reading?

That only depends on what you and your psychic are comfortable with. Top online psychics typically provide readings using every channel available, including chat, phone, video, and even email readings. Chat is probably the most convenient way to get a reading since you can do it anywhere — at home, at work, during your commute, etc. Phone and video readings, on the other hand, are much more personable and therefore suited for discussing sensitive topics.

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