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The spirits of our ancestors can give us solutions to some problems. Also, our guides can be angels and heavenly forces, who are much more aware of what is happening around us. But how do you contact them to hear their advice? After all, their voices are not subject to the hearing of an ordinary person.

Fortunately, some people have clairaudient abilities that allow them to hear things others cannot perceive.

Who is a clairaudient? — Definition & Meaning

A clairaudient empath can hear messages and noises beyond the reach of an average person. Clairaudient spiritual mediums receive messages from ancestors or dead people who want to say something to a person or provide guidance. 

Spiritual clairaudients possess the ability to hear angels and higher spirits.  

Clairaudient empaths may hear human-like noises or unintelligible sounds, buzzes, music, and other noises that may point to the answer the client needs. 

Several signs may be evidence that you have a talent for clear hearing. 

  1. The first sign that you are a clear hearer is the ability to hear unique sounds. For example, you can catch footsteps even though no one is around. You can also hear some phrases and words that serve as symbols for transferring messages from spirits.
  2. You are talking to yourself mentally. For example, your mind is tortured by a specific question. Then, suddenly, your consciousness gives out an answer. It is like an inner voice telling you what to do. By the way, clairaudients often use their inner voice.
  3.  Sensitivity is your hallmark. Clairaudients, like clairsentients, use intuition very often and are super-sensitive. You listen carefully to the world around you. Sometimes you feel you perceive the world through headphones that allow you to hear things others do not pay attention to. You can even see clairaudient dreams.

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The broad spectrum of services and clairsentients with a lot of experience, high success rank, numerous positive testimonials, affordable per-minute prices on spiritual sessions, and appealing bonuses — these are characteristics of clairaudient reading websites we selected for you. You don’t need to browse the Internet for trustworthy spiritual sources — just take a look at the list of best platforms below. 

How do clairaudient readings work?

During a clairaudient psychic reading, your advisor will do the following: 

  1. The clairaudient medium will first analyze your questions and begin screening your energetic field to hear what sounds surround you.
  2. These noises may be a hint to what will happen to you in the future, a tip on what you need to do now, or a means of defining what could cause specific events in the past. Your reader will interpret all the noises. However, you may help your clairaudient if you recognize the sounds your advisor describes.

If you wish to have advice from friends, relatives, or beloved ones who passed away, you can also address such a psychic.

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