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Sometimes it happens that we cannot sort out our feelings and are looking for a person who will show empathy for us and help with emotional problems. 

Also, we may feel our energy is experiencing disruptions, and we want to fix these problems. What to do to achieve this goal? It’s better to ask clairsentient psychics for assistance.

What is a clairsentient? — Definition & Meaning

The word “clairsentience” originates from the French words “clair”, which means “clear” and “sentience” – “feeling.” Clairsentience abilities imply feeling the emotional state of people. Clairsentients don’t need to use their five senses: they know, on an intuitive level, the inner energies of a person. Besides, such psychics readers may define what feelings someone experienced in the past or will have in the future. 

Several signs may tell a person has clairsentient abilities. They include the following: 

  • You feel a strong empathy for people in pain 
  • People often call you over-sensitive
  • You can “read” other emotional currents
  • Nature helps you recharge 
  • Being around people with dark energy, you may feel uncomfortable or even sick 

If you also strive to become clairsentient, you can try to develop such psychic powers. Thus, make sure to implement several practices into your routine: 

  1. Meditation. It involves concentrating on your feelings and inner voice. 
  2. When your intuition tells you something is unusual, write it down in a journal. Then analyze it to define what signs your body gives you when your clairsentience powers activate.
  3. When you talk to people, try to clean up your thoughts and focus on their energies. 

Best websites for clairsentient readings

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to find a trustworthy company with high-quality clairsentience service. However, it’s not easy since you can come across a scam. 

We want to help you and suggest several top-rated websites for spiritual readings. 

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The advantages of the following sites are: 

  • Various communication means: chat, phone, and video 
  • Free introductory minutes, discounts, special deals, and refunds 
  • A large selection of clairsentient psychics 
  • Other perks as mobile apps, psychic articles, and search tools. 

How do clairsentient readings work?

Not only do people face the question “What is a clairsentient?”. They may also want to know how a clairsentient reading works. 

In general, an average session with clairsentient looks like this: 

  1. Firstly, you tell about yourself and state the questions or issues that bother them. Your questions and personal story description should be precise because it helps your reader to decide in what direction to move while switching to your emotional waves. 
  1. Then, the advisor begins reading your aura to learn what energies prevail in your life. Also, a psychic reader can dig deeper and find what emotions dominated years and days ago to define whether these emotions influenced your current life course.
  1. Having gathered all the necessary info, a clairsentient suggests ways to heal wounds and resolve problems. 
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