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Many people wish to learn what their future looks like. Questions about the future may relate to work, school, relationships with a partner, etc. These questions arise because of our curiosity and desire to know everything in advance.

We want to know the future, not only for the sake of knowing. We wish to be able to avoid it if the upcoming days turn out to be dangerous thunderclouds.

So, they started looking for ways to learn about the future, one of which is cartomancy readings.

What is a cartomancy reading?

People have been using a cartomancy method of fortune telling since the 14th–15th centuries. 

Cartomancy readings online are the way to cross a bridge of uncertainty about specific upcoming events with the help of cards. An old-fashioned deck with 52 cards is the one cartomancy readers use for conducting divination sessions. Playing cards, the “ancestors” of tarot cards, bring answers to burning questions in a clear and cut-end way. 
You may think that tarot and cartomancy readings are the same, but they differ, indeed. Tarot cards may possess hidden meanings, showing only potential outcomes of upcoming events. Playing cards used for cartomancy online readings give literal answers.

Best accurate cartomancy reading websites

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To have an accurate cartomancy reading session, register at one of the sites we selected for you. Transparent reviews, high quality, excellent user experience, and free cartomancy online readings are guaranteed. 

How does cartomancy reading work? 

A cartomancy reading session looks like this: 

  1. You put a question to your cartomancy advisor; 
  2. Your expert shuffles the deck and pulls out cards; 
  3. Based on the meaning of the cards, your psychic answers your question. 

You may also try to do a free accurate cartomancy readings online by following the guides with card meanings to interpret the spread. 

Cartomancy card layouts & interpretations

Every card conveys a specific meaning. Depending on the suit and number, you learn more about various aspects of your life. 

Besides, cartomancy card readings are divided into different spreads, which implies taking out a different number of cards to interpret. Usually, psychic readers use a three-card layout method, selecting three cards from the deck to tell about the past, present, and future. 

In general terms, the cards have such interpretations:

  1. Every suit covers a specific life sphere. Thus, Hearts describe your emotions, relationships, and feelings. Diamonds tell about your financial situation. Clubs represent positive, pleasant events to happen in your life. And Spades can reveal the upcoming obstacles and changes you will face in the near future. 
  2. Number cards give more specific details about a particular life sphere. Thus, the Ace of Hearts and 3 of Hearts will possess different meanings. 

Face cards describe people who will play different roles in the life sphere of the suit the card belongs to.

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